Tuesday 3 August 2010

Introducing... Kid Adrift

I'm sort of stealing this one off Ben here, but he's kind of tied up right now so I'll write it up anyway. He originally sold me on Kid Adrift by describing his music as "Muse meets Aphex Twin". Which isn't entirely correct (I'd argue he's closer to Ratatat than AT) but that's beside the point. Kid Adrift makes pretty good music.

To be fair, Muse is a good comparison to start with. These are fairly bombastic compositions, with OTT prog-rock lyrics like "when the whole horizon is burning up in full view / all that I want / all that I thought I knew", but oh, it's glorious in its epic scale. To top it off, Kid Adrift (Kid A to his Radiohead-savvy friends, maybe?) combines sweeping strings with bubbling dubstep basslines to amazing effect.

The above praise is all for a song called "Oxytocin". It's one of three tracks on a little EP, called, er, Oxytocin EP. The other two songs aren't quite as good, but it's early days for Kid Adrift. This is a damn promising start.

Recommended listening:

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