Wednesday 1 December 2010

Gig Review - Kate Nash @ Newcastle O2 Academy, 13/10/10

As lightning crackles through the speakers, Kate Nash storms onto the stage wearing a striking black-and-white unitard, and picks up her guitar for a sped-up version of ‘I Just Love You More’. There’s a switch to piano (covered in pretty lights) for ‘Mouthwash’. So far, so predictable.
Then, the first real stage banter: Nash asks the audience if they’ve seen recent filmMade In Dagenham, before leading into what will become a theme of tonight. “Feminism’s all about equality, right? I’m a feminist and proud!”
If the first few songs have failed to impress so far, ‘To A Higher Place’ is powerful and energetic - in part thanks to the fantastic drummer.
Halfway through the set, the breezy fun stops. A bizarre spoken-word section leads into tribalistic drumming and chanting. The lighting flashes, and Nash is a terrifying silhouette shouting at the audience. It’s an amazing transformation, and really hammers home the self-identity she has developed. But of course the biggest cheer (and heartiest singalong) of the night is reserved for ‘Foundations’.
Before leaving the stage, Nash issues a plea to the girls in the audience to start their own bands. This isn’t just Girl Power - this is the real deal. If I were the parent of a teenage girl I can’t think of a better idol for them than Kate Nash.
Originally published in The Courier. Thanks to Briony Carling for the beautiful photo.

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