Friday 15 April 2011

Best Of The Inbox: Phantom Vibration, Summertime Kids, Freeze The Atlantic

Recently we've been getting a few emails from PR people and bands wanting to promote their music. Some of it's actually quite good, and so in "Best Of The Inbox" we share a selection of the ones that stand out the most. And if you have some music you're desperate to share with the world, our email address is

Phantom Vibration
Looking for a bit of low-key dream-pop? Look no further than Phantom Vibration, a band from Minnesota with more ethereal vocals, effects-laden guitars and spooky organs than you can shake a stick at. Recommended for fans of Beach House, whom the band are clearly very influenced by, it's a wonderfully calming listen with a surprisingly wide range of instrumentation. Their debut EP Kids, described as the first of a trilogy of concept EPs, is available now as a free download on their Bandcamp page - it's well worth a listen, and it isn't going to cost you anything!
- Elliot/Ben

Burlington by Phantom Vibration

Summertime Kids
Here's another band ideal for a lazy weekend in the sun (certainly, the name is appropriate enough). Table Manners is a lovely little EP with a warm yet minimalist feel, like oh-so-fashionable chillwave played on real instruments (rather than being just a loop on someone's laptop). Vocals weave in and out of instrumental tracks and there's just a lovely, peaceful atmosphere to the whole thing. In fact, this one's a keeper - it's going straight into my iTunes library, and you can get it too at their Bandcamp page.

Freeze The Atlantic
If the peaceful, relaxing vibes of Phantom Vibration and Summertime Kids aren't exercising your riff gland, then turn your attention to Freeze The Atlantic. Featuring two ex-members from British alt-rock favourites Reuben, it comes as no surprise that the band's new EP Colour By Numbers, featuring their debut single 'Waking Up', contains some awesome hefty chugging guitars. Overall, Colour By Numbers is worth a listen - the vocals sound a little, erm... (dare I say) emo at times, to use a dirty word, but check out the early-Biffy-esque riff at the 1min 44secs mark of 'Waking Up' below to see why it's included on this Best Of The Inbox piece. Oh, also the Colour By Numbers EP isn't free, but it is being released on CD in a genuine colour-by-numbers package with free crayons - pre-order it here.

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