Saturday 13 August 2011

Friday Power Playlist #1

Whilst at work the other week, I found that my Friday afternoon zipped by so much more quickly if I sat down on my lunch break and made a playlist on my iPod full of the biggest tunes I could think of. Nothing subtle, nothing dainty, just wall-to-wall power-tunes - as soon as the next track starts, if you don't immediately think "YES! TUNE!" then you're doing it wrong.

This week I thought I'd try and get some of you involved, using a Twitter hashtag #FridayPowerPlaylist and a Spotify playlist to build up an awesome playlist aimed to allow any listener to coast through the afternoon and blast them head-first into the weekend. Well, here's the result embedded as a Grooveshark player below - thanks to anyone who added to the Spotify playlist, and to anyone who didn't unfollow us on Twitter despite my incessant playlist tweets.

Enjoy your weekend everybody, and see you for another Friday Power Playlist soon!

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