Monday 15 August 2011

Little Dragon, Big Tunes

If you can cast your mind back to last year's excellent Gorillaz album - I am of course referring to Plastic Beach, not that iPad-produced bore The Fall - you may remember a female vocalist guesting on a couple of the tracks. Well, the owner of those vocals is Yukimi Nagano of Swedish band Little Dragon, who have just released their third album, Ritual Union.

Though produced entirely on electronic instruments, Little Dragon's music is pleasantly low-key and subtle - the type that makes you click your fingers but not quite throw shapes on the dancefloor. With this third album, the band maintain their strong, original sound - all glittery computerised twinkles and glitchy beats - as well as their strong songwriting.

It's a great album, missing just one thing - the emphasis on bouncy rhythms is crying out for a guest appearance by a rapper (and I mean that entirely seriously)! I guess that's a job for the remixers, perhaps.

Anyway, here's a couple of choice songs from the new album. Enjoy!

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