Tuesday 11 October 2011

Best Of The Inbox 3: Girls Shouting

Hello everyone! Thought I'd share a couple of choice tracks that have been languishing in our inbox for a while.

First up is some fuzzy west coast girl rock, courtesy of SNEAKPEEK. Being given away on their bandcamp page is a live version of 'Walk All Over Me', a slow and grungey treat. It may not be complex or particularly original, but its simplicity lends it an irresistible lo-fi charm.

Next, here's latest offering from Unicorn Kid - the third track of his free Tidal Rave EP. Chiptunes may be increasingly unfashionable recently (well, since Kesha got her claws into it...), but perhaps the answer is to simply go up a generation of consoles - from NES to Super NES. 'True Love Fantasy' sounds as if it's been taken straight out of a particularly high-energy platform game (anyone played Donkey Kong Country 2?), and the candy-coloured vocals courtesy of Talk To Animals simply top it all off.

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